Commo | Universidad del Atlántico Medio – Spot TV and Advertising
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Universidad del Atlántico Medio – Spot TV and Advertising

The challenge

Promotional campaign for the new 2017-2018 academic year to raise awareness of the merits of the new University of the Mid Atlantic located in Gran Canaria and strengthen its position in the local university field.



The solution

Creating a strong corporate identity that highlights the link with students, making them the protagonists of the campaign. We have played with the colours of the logo in order to create a tribal aesthetic, with a clear resemblance to the characterisation of the actors in “Braveheart”.


In doing so we aim to increase the current students’ pride in belonging and generate a desire to be part of this “tribe” amongst new students, whilst imparting the values which they share with the university: strength, courage, personal achievement and teamwork.